The Grid


The year is 2001. This is an altered timeline in which the computer age advanced in a different way in which anything used by humans was connected with the internet and could be accessed in some way or form. It was common practice for a user to log in to change the temperature of their home or start the dishwasher. This type of technology structure allows hackers to have great power in the world if knowledgeable enough.

You are a very skilled hacker in this world. You have been hired to disable the bottom floor security of a building. What’s in the building and why the security needs disabling is unknown. You’ve decided to accept the job since it pays triple your normal rate and the less you know, the better. In order to disable the security, first log into the building's computer using the IP address that has been configured by you ahead of time to completely knock out any credentials that would get in your way when accessing this building. If you type ‘Help’ and enter, you will see the IP addresses along with additional information to help complete the job. Once you're in, you will need to data spike what’s guarding the bottom level of the building. The additional information on the ‘Help’ text should help you the rest of the way. The more security you disable, the more you will get paid. Push the button below to access the log in terminal.

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- matrix preception
tg x axis y axis - targeting
ds - data spike
log out
cls - clear screen